Sunny Mornings with Joanna and Sean

Sunny Mornings with Joanna and Sean

Sunny Mornings with Joanna and Sean is on-air in Las Vegas each weekday from 5am-10am. The goal each morning is to brighten your day with positive...Full Bio

4/16 SSOTD - Henderson Teacher Wins National Educator Award

4/16 Movies That Should Not Be Remade

Sean saw a trailer for a movie from the 90s that is being remade, and it gets the show talking about movies that simply should not be re-made. 

4/16 What Are You Convinced is Rigged?

Joanna and Sean talk to listeners about the things in life they simply think are rigged. 

4/16 Would You Rather be 3 Feet or 8 Feet Tall?

Sean saw something at Costco that has him asking some hard questions. 

4/16 Stick To Your List... Even If You're Hungry!

Ever heard that you shouldn’t do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach? It turns out that advice is pretty valuable, as new research finds it could cost you an extra $26 per trip, on average. Even with a budget, most people say they’ll typically spend up to 20% more than what they planned for groceries for the week. 

4/16 Go-To Vegas Spots To Take Visitors

Joanna and Sean each share their Top 3 places in Las Vegas to take people visiting them. What are your favorite Las Vegas spots? 

4/15 Full Show - April 15th, 2024

Today is Tax Day! Do you do your taxes early or late? Joanna can't roll her R's and Sean can't tie a tie. What "basic" things are you unable to do? Sunday was apparent;y "Good Deeds Day"; What unique questions do you ask your smart speaker to answer?; A grandma just beat a world record for planking! 

4/15 'Good Deeds Day' Was on Sunday

Joanna and Sean stumble across a holiday that has been happening worldwide for nearly 2 decades. 

4/15 What Do You Ask 'Alexa'?

Sean's 5 year old daughter loves to ask Alexa things like "Alexa, why are bluberries so good?" and "Alexa, why is the sky so beautiful?" Joanna and Sean talk to listeners about the unique things they like to ask Alexa. 

4/15 SSOTD - Grandmother Breaks Planking World Record

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