Wet 'n' Wild will now be 'Cowabunga Canyon' Starting Next Summer

Man having fun on water slide.

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"A Texas-based management group is looking to expand their waterpark property portfolio, with their efforts headed to Las Vegas.

Pyek Group, which already operates both Typhoon Texas waterparks, has acquired Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas and Cowabunga Bay waterparks in a new Nevada-based partnership.

The partnership intends to operate the two parks under the Cowabunga brand, with Cowabunga Bay retaining its name and Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas being renamed to Cowabunga Canyon when it reopens during the summer of 2022.

"It makes sense to create synergy under the same Cowabunga brand since both waterparks will be owned and operated by the same company," says Evan Barnett, president of Houston-based Pyek Group.

Typhoon Texas opened their west Houston waterpark in 2016 and later acquired the former Hawaiian Falls waterpark in north Austin, reopening it in 2017 under Typhoon Texas.

Previous General Manager of Typhoon Texas in north Austin, Cade Vereen, will serve as general manager for the two Las Vegas parks.

"We are excited to bring the management philosophy and culture that has contributed to the success of our Typhoon Texas waterparks," says Barnett.

"We understand what's necessary to create a clean, safe, and family-friendly entertainment destination."

New-season pass options, as well as several new park perks, are set to be announced in the coming months.

22-acre Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas, located on the southwest side of the valley, opened in 2013, while 23-acre Cowabunga Bay opened the following year in 2014."(KSNV)

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