Mini Libraries Showing Up Around Las Vegas Thanks to Middle School Teacher

Tourist with Face Mask Selecting a Book from a Free Share Library

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Small mailbox-like libraries are beginning to pop up around the Las Vegas valley, thanks to the dedication of middle school teacher Chris Giunchigliani. These libraries are filled with books, calendars, food, school supplies, and even eyeglasses.

Giunchigliani dedicates the library in front of her house to her late husband, who was also a middle school teacher. She gained the help of carpenter apprentices to build 15 libraries, and was able to place them very quickly around the city after posting on Facebook. She is now on a mission to build and place 36 libraries.

The teacher says that she always makes sure that the libraries are filled, however the job is already done for her most of the time. The community generously donates supplies or will replace any books they may take. Giunchigliani is currently searching for books that meet special requests, such as Spanish-speaking and children's books.

"It’s not just about the books, it’s kind of a mini gathering place to some extent. I think that’s what Vegas is still all about. It’s a small community and if the library can spark getting to know your neighbor, then that’s a blessing in and of itself," expresses Giunchigliani. (KTNV)

To read more about the mini libraries, click here.

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