The Rock Reveals He Owns A T-Rex Skull Named "Stan"

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson appeared on the final ManningCast show of this year's NFL season, alongside football's fav brother duo Peyton and Eli Manning.

They commented on the Rams vs. Cardinal NFL playoff game but the viral moment of the show was The Rock's T-Rex skull.

"I got a T-Rex skull, yes," Johnson laughed.

"That's Stan. So as a matter of fact Stan is the most complete T-Rex skull ever found by a paleontologist -- a young paleontologist -- and his name was Stan, so this T-Rex head was named after him.

"Pretty cool and badass isn't it?"

In October 2020, a 39-foot T-Rex fossil nicknamed Stan was sold to an anonymous buyer for $31,847,500, according to National Geographic.

Could this be the original "Stan" skull or is it just a really good knockoff?

Twitter is on the case! Peep the debate below.

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