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Nurse Rescues Patient's Dog From Shelter After Heart-Felt Phone Call

Shelter Dog

Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

Every day, nurses take their commitment to helping patients extremely seriously and do their absolute best to ensure the patient's welfare.

Jennifer Smith took that commitment a step further.

Last November, she received a frantic call from one of her patients in an adult day health care program that his dog had been taken to an animal shelter after the patient was hispitalized with pneumonia. He had no family or friends to help care for the dog.

“I came into work the Monday after Thanksgiving to the phone ringing at 7 a.m.,” Smith recalled. “John was calling from his hospital room saying, ‘Boomer is in the pound! Boomer is in the pound!’”

Jennifer immediately sprung into action to rescue the pup and unite Boomer with her patient.

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