POLL: The Continuation of COVID ways even after life gets back to "Normal"

Many people believe that life will return to normal for at least another 12 months after lockdowns are lifted and vaccines are given to all adults. While we are all anxiously waiting for things to get back to “normal,” it seems a lot of people aren’t necessarily willing to go back to the way things were. 

A new British poll, which could easily translate to the U.S., finds that many folks admit how they do things may be changed forever due to the past year.

80% of people say they don’t plan to share items with other people anymore.

73% believe they will now always maintain a social distance from people they don’t know.

25% don’t know if they can deal with being surrounded by people in a busy bar ever again

19% of people won’t stand close to people while chatting.

20% don’t plan to shake someone’s hand again.

40% say they will be comfortable refusing a hug from someone. 

Other things folks don’t plan on doing once most lockdowns are lifted include:

Use someone else’s lip balm

Sneak a bite of someone else’s sandwich

Use store make-up samples

Kiss a stranger on a night out

Borrow a swimsuit from someone else

Use someone else’s make up

Leave the house without hand sanitizer

Use someone else's deodorant

Get someone to check if your breath smells

Go to a buffet-style restaurant

So... are you in agreement with any of these??