Billie Eilish Got To Live Out Her Dream Of Working At Jamba Juice

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On Thursday (January 13), Billie Eilish shared a throwback video in which she got to live out her Jamba Juice dreams. For those who may not know, the 20-year-old has previously spoken about wanting to work for the smoothie chain and feels like she missed out on that opportunity due to her fame.

Back in 2020, Eilish told Vogue she feels like she missed out on a number of normal experiences other kids got to have because she pursued a career in music. "I feel like the things I'm missing out on are like — I always wanted to work at Jamba Juice," she said. "I don't know, that's just something I wanted to do. I wanted to work at Trader Joe's. Those were the jobs I saw myself having and enjoying. I always wanted to go get gas by myself. I always wanted to go get groceries for my mom."

She reiterated that sentiment when speaking with Dazed, as well. The outlet asked the Grammy-winning artist about how she managed to break into the industry at such a young age. “I never really thought about it. I didn’t know anything about an industry or entertainment or whatever,” she told the outlet, adding: “I wanted to work at Jamba Juice. So I didn’t know shit.”

It seems Jamba Juice caught wind of Eilish's comments and sent her some swag. Eilish received the package on her first day of quarantine when she came down with COVID-19 last summer. She shared a video from the day she received the special package on Instagram Stories. Eilish tears up from happiness as she shows off her apron, visor, and cup from the chain.

"First day of quarantine when I got a package from Jamba Juice after I said in an interview that I always wanted to work there LMAO crying," Eilish wrote on the video.

Dreams really do come true. Who knows, maybe she'll collaborate with Jamba Juice on a custom smoothie one of these days?

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