Andy Grammer's 'Lease On Life' Video Packs The Ultimate Surprise For Fans

Photo: YouTube/Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer was tired of Zoom, so he took things a step further when filming the video for his new single, "Lease On Life."

On Monday (July 19), the singer/songwriter, 37, dropped the visual for the three-minute offering and it sees the star perform for fans on Zoom, before taking his performance to the front of their homes with his guitar in-tow. “I missed playing for you all this year so I just rolled up to your houses for this one. I legit couldn’t look anyone in the eye while singing, got emotional quick,” he told fans via social media.

As for the clip’s backstory, the singer revealed that his fans thought they were getting a special preview of his single via Zoom. Little did they know he was streaming from inside a van outside of their homes.

Speaking about “Lease On Me,” the Los Angeles native said that the track is meant to help listeners let go of some of the emotional weight they’ve held onto amid the pandemic. “I hope it comes across for you and makes you feel a little bit of that when you hear it,” he wrote on Instagram. “Do me a personal favor and get into a car, roll down your windows, blare it super loud and let go of some of the emotional weight of this last year. I am so damn excited for you all to hear it."

"Lease On Life" serves as the lead single from Grammer's fifth studio album. It can be heard in the ad for International Hotel Group and its properties.

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