ADOPTED! Sunny 106.5's Pet Of The Week: Radar

Hey everyone! Meet our third featured Sunny 106.5 Pet of the Week for 2020. This is Radar!

I honestly thought Radar was a puppy when I first laid eyes on him. He has a spring in his step and is so excited to meet new people. He is actually estimated to be about 12 years old. His teeth were really well kept and taken care of, and you could tell his previous owners took good care of him when they had him. He is actually an owner surrender and that was due to changes in the owner’s home.

He wasn’t nervous or anything when he walked into our office. He was curious and sweet. Radar was so friendly to everyone he met – both men and women and would be the perfect new furry family member. He ate treats really well and LOVES CUDDLES! He would curl up in whoever’s lap and look at you so lovingly. Our friend’s from the NSPCA also told us that Radar is great in cars. You would tell he craves his new home and would be the BEST companion you could ever ask for. 

Radar is available for adoption for only $50. As a thank you for adopting Radar, we are going to give you a $25 VISA Gift Card. Check out Radar today by visiting the NSPCA at 4800 W. Dewey Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118. For more info, visit



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