Joanna’s Perfect Move With PODS® and Greenway Moving

You may have heard me talk about how I recently moved on the Morning Show. But what you haven’t heard enough about is how it would not have been possible without hiring PODS®.

Prior to moving to the Southern Highlands area, I lived in my home for six years! I got married… adopted four dogs… let’s just say I accumulated a LOT of stuff that needed to be moved in that six year timeframe. And not just moved but stored too because my new house wasn’t going to be ready until 35 days after I had to be out of my old house. Yes, it was complicated and I was freaking out.


Up until hiring PODS® for this move I would see their containers around town, in people’s driveways, on the street, etc. but I never used them. From the minute I walked in to learn more about PODS®, to the first drop off of my PODS® at my old home, to the delivery of the containers to my new home, PODS® was the greatest decision I could have made during this moving process. Moving is very stressful but the one thing I didn’t have to worry about was the moving and storage of my belongings because PODS® put me at ease the entire time. Every single person I interacted with was kind, nice, easy to talk to and answered everything I needed to know. Communication was flawless during their entire process… it was a dream how easy it was to book everything, track every single element of your move, confirm items, etc.

The day I moved out of my old home, PODS® delivered my four containers right on time. Now, PODS® allows you to pack your PODS® container at your own leisure or you can have professional movers pack your home (which I choose to do and more on that later!). Your items are safely secured in the PODS®, never did I ever feel my items weren’t safe. I trusted this company completely and with ease because everything was made so simple for my husband and I. They provided furniture covers and blankets, so more fragile furniture and items would be super secure – which everything was – NO BREAKS OR DAMAGE OF ANYTHING!! WOO HOO! Because we had to be out of my old home SO quick, we opted to store our

PODS® in the PODS® client controlled storage center in North Las Vegas. The PODS® storage center was convenient and if I ever needed anything out of my PODS® during that 35 day period, I could have easily gotten the item out, no problem. Storing my PODS® at their storage center made my life completely stress free (the way moving should be) and without worrying of damage or security. My stuff was SO SAFE there. BEST DECISION EVER!!!

Now, the big day... my four PODS were delivered to my new home on time and everything, I mean EVERYTHING (and I kept a chart) was accounted for… and did I mention NO breaks or damage of anything?! YEP! It was perfection. I can’t thank PODS® enough, they MADE my move. A quote from my husband after we were finally moved into our new home, “Joanna, we couldn’t have done this move without PODS®. It was the best decision we could have made and worth every penny!” Now, my husband is a hard guy to please, so I’m telling you, it is worth every penny. But guess what? You won’t break the bank moving with PODS® because it’s AFFORDABLE. You will be shocked to learn how little you will have to pay for complete peace of mind during your move, which in my opinion, peace of mind when you move is worth every penny! Right now, store for 3 months or more with PODS® and receive FREE LOCAL DELIVERY – USE PROMO CODE FBFREE *Restrictions Apply. Ask for Details.

For more info, call 702-831-5949 or visit

Make sure to say hi to my friend Dave at PODS® – he is the BEST to work with, super cool guy, who truly believe in TERRIFIC customer service. I have been telling everyone I know about PODS® because of Dave and his team – incredible.

Oh yes, and I can’t forget about the movers we hired. A big shout out to Greenway Moving. Greenway is a trusted partner of PODS® Las Vegas and PODS® will set you up with them (they did for me) to pack your containers and unpack your containers – they were so professional, nice and I really trusted them in my home. Their entire crew who packed our PODS® and unpacked our PODS® was kind and treated my property with respect. I can’t say enough things about Greenway, I would hire them again and again because they knocked my move out of the ballpark – thank you!

If you have any questions about PODS® of Las Vegas or Greenway Moving, please reach out to me at

Thank you for reading and book PODS® today!

XO, Joanna


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