We Have Your Disneyland At Halloween Tickets

We will have your tickets to Disneyland at Halloween starting Monday, September 24th!  I had a chance to experience Disneyland and California Adventure, including their Halloween celebration!  If you love Disney and Halloween then you should experience it between now and Halloween.

The best rides?  The Incredicoaster & Radiater Springs Racer are the most fun rides in California Adventure!  Radiater Springs has super long lines but that's why it makes sense to invest the extra $10 (per day) for the Disney Max Pass.  That allows you to schedule fast pass visits to rides from your Disney app all day.  Plus, you can retrieve all the pics taken of you and your party in the parks by Disney photographers on the app, too!  That feature is a no brainer.  

The best ride in Disneyland is Space Mountain.  There are lots of fun rides and classic ones too, like The Haunted Mansion.  But I like Space Mountain the best.

Check out some of these pastries they feature up through Halloween in both Disneyland AND California Adventure!  Yum.


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