Spotlight: Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez

Business Name: Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez

Location:1650 Quartz Avenue,Sandy Valley, NV 89019

Phone Number:(702) 802-9102

On Instagram:@vegasdirtbanditz

About:A family owned business that started in 2019. Brothers Scott and Craig, together with their wives, started Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez. Erin and Kristi, along with Scott and Craig's mom, Judy, really run the business. The women of the family rule! We provide the best guided off-road desert experience. Our riders become part of the family and come back for more. Our riders get to drive the Honda Talons through the desert while experiencing the wildlife and nature that our beautiful Mojave Desert has to offer. Since we are an off-road guided tour company, in person is the best way to help support our family business. Come out and ride with our family and tell your friends. 

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