30 Things To Do By Yourself

Most people are afraid of being alone and sure while it is scary to be alone all the time that doesn't mean that you shouldn't strive to find some alone time here and there. In fact scientists have discovered that highly intelligent people find life less satisfying the more they spend time with friends, ergo a little quiet time does do the body and mind good. So here are 30 things you can do alone to find satisfaction in your own life: 

1. Try a new work out class

2. Play in the kitchen

3. Have a spa day

4. Get organized

5. Meditate

6. Travel Solo

7. Take up a new hobby

8. Take yourself to a really nice dinner

9. Create a list of life goals

10. Go to the movies

11. Read a book

12. Take a class

13. Do a home improvement project

14. Get lost

15. Bake a cake and eat it too

16. Figure out your mantra

17. Take some time to reflect on religion

18. Take  along drive

19. Go on a hike

20. Relax in your house

21. Treat yourself

22. Unplug

23. Do embarrassing things while no one is around

24. Act like a kid

25. Volunteer

26. Create a piece of art

27. Accomplish a fitness goal

28. Continue your education

29. Write a letter

30. Complete a random act of kindness

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