The 7 Biggest Thanksgiving Cooking Hazards


1) Salmonella: practice clean hygiene when dealing with your bird by washing your hands and disinfecting the area.

2) Defrosting: Best to do this in the refrigerator with a big tray underneath to catch all the water.

3) Stuffing: If you like your stuffing actually stuffed int he bird then just make sure its thoroughly cooked with no raw turkey juices coating it.

4) Knife Injuries: This one speaks for itself, practice safe slicing people!

5) Burns: Oil and stove burns run aplenty this time of year. Best not to keep anything flammable near your cook station!

6) Leaving Food Out Of The Fridge: Bacteria develops fast so once your done eating pack everything up and put it away!

7) Reheating: As stated above bacteria develops quickly so make sure to kill it by reheating at 165 degrees.

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