Loser drops the wedding cake

While weddings are generally happy occasions, not every affair goes off without a hitch. In fact, sometimes some pretty shocking things happen when folks are about to say “I Do,” and now people are sharing. A new Reddit thread has folks sharing the worst things they’ve ever seen happen at a wedding, and let’s just say it’s way worse than the usual ugly bridesmaid dresses. The worst things seen at weddings include: "I was at a wedding in which someone's sanitary pad fell off in the middle of the dance floor, and someone else just kicked it to the side...where it sat all night. "I went to my husband's brother's wedding a few years ago, and his ex showed up, uninvited…with her baby. But when the guests were asked if there were any objections, she stood up, said that the groom had gotten her pregnant, and that this was his son." "My cousin had a break dancer at their wedding. He was pretty good, until he split his pants during his act, revealing to everyone that he was going commando. But he gave zero f**ks, and just kept going." "At my sisters wedding, my mom caught the mother of the groom blowing the bartender in the back room." "When the father of the groom stood up to make a toast, he asked his wife — in front of everyone — to confirm that he was not the groom's biological father. His wife was dead silent." "I worked a wedding for an older couple that had a groom's cake featuring a manicured hand holding a penis. The writing said, 'To have and to hold.'" "During the minister's speech, he asked, rhetorically, 'What is love?' and several groomsmen muttered, 'Baby, don't hurt me.'" "At a wedding I attended, the groom slipped the bride a lot of tongue. Like an awkward, gross amount of tongue. Everyone was uncomfortable." "The bride and groom were at the altar, and the minister said, 'We are in the presence of family and friends who are all here to give this union their blessing,' to which the groom's mother stood up and said, 'No, not everyone — I do NOT give this my blessing.' It was both horrible...and kind of hilarious." "The groom's father showed up wearing red flannel, gumboots, and a fishing hat, showing us a nice snapper he'd just caught."



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