A Guy Accidentally Texted a Stranger and Wound Up Leaving His Wife for Her

Next time someone butt dials you, don't be so fast to hang up as your future husband or wife could be on the other end. There's a guy named Peter McTaggart from Lancashire, England. And back in 2003, he tried to text his wife a few times, but he wound up accidentally texting a woman named Mary in Newcastle, England. If you're wondering how that happened, he says he'd just bought a new phone, and that was back before your contacts would automatically transfer over, so when he was typing in his wife's number, he messed up one digit. Mary let him know it was the wrong number, but they kept texting and eventually, they bonded and both revealed they were in unhappy marriages. So, Peter and Mary both decided to leave their spouses for each other. And in 2017, after 13 years together, they got married. They have a big age gap, Peter is now 46 and Mary is 60. But they say they believe they were brought together by FATE and they're a perfect match.



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