You'll Spend Over $100,000 on Delivery and Takeout in Your Life

The average American will spend over a HUNDRED GRAND on delivery and takeout in their life, according to a new study. And in some cities, it's even more than that. People in Seattle spend the most on delivery and takeout at $210 a month. That's about $2,500 a year, or just over $151,000 over the course of 60 years. The top five cities are: Seattle @ $210 a month, Pittsburgh @ $199, San Francisco @ $195, Austin @ $189, and San Jose $188. The cities where people spend the least are Detroit @ $142 a month, Memphis @ $146, Richmond Virginia @ $148, Cleveland @ $149 and Birmingham, Alabama @$150. But people in Cleveland actually spend the highest PERCENTAGE of their paycheck on delivery and takeout. And Miami and Detroit also spend over 6% of their income on it. The study also looked at how much you'd save if you NEVER ordered out, and only cooked at home. The answer is somewhere between $80 and $120 a month or $58,000 to $86,000 over the course of your life.

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