The Average Person Sticks W/ A Hobby For 16 Months

Did you take up a new hobby for the New Year? Well enjoy doing your painting or cooking or spelunking now, because come May of 2020, it's just going to be a fond memory. Sorry. According to a new survey, the average person can only stick with a new hobby for 16 months before three things get in the way: Work, our family responsibilities, and losing interest and motivation. But during those 16 months oh baby, we drop some cash. Here's the average amount that we spend on different hobbies while we're into them: 

1. Gardening, $950. 

2. Cooking, $805. 

3. Going to the gym, $565. 

4. Crafts, $453. 

5. Cycling, $393. 

6. Painting, $183. 

7. Tennis, $200. 

8. Yoga, $170.

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