The Top 5 Ways Americans Waste Time

There's a new survey out on American reading habits, and most of the stats are pretty boring. But here's a good one: The average American now spends two hours a day reading but only if you count the stuff we read online. In other words, reading "Pride and Prejudice" counts as reading but so does scrolling through Wikipedia to find out Brendan Fraser has a brother named Kevin. The best part of the study was buried near the bottom: 2,000 people were asked to name the top ways they WASTE time. And you might be doing #4 right now:

1. Scrolling through social media. 49% of people said they waste a significant amount of time doing it. 

2. Using apps or games on your phone or tablet, 30%. 

3. Watching TV, 29%. 

4. Sitting in traffic, 28%. 

5. Constantly checking your phone, 26%.

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