Kids Dominate Adults In These Aspects

"I'm big your small and there's nothing you can do about it" just doesn't work anymore. Tiny humans are now validated in their "i can do anything you can do better" attitude, it turns out there are a few things they are genuinely better then us 'old' people at. 

Here's a quick rundown of the top 3:

1) Creativity: to us that blob of blankets and chairs on the floor is a big mess, to children its a magical fortress with dungeons and dragons.

2) Learning New Skills: There's a reason people say to start them off young. Kids have an easier time learning new things like languages over their adult counter parts. What can i say, grown ups are running out storage space.

3) Technology: If little Susie and Grandma each get an iPhone and you tell them to call Siri, who wins? I'm pretty sure its not grandma.

Marco & Joanna in the Morning

Marco & Joanna in the Morning

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