The Most Misspelled Word In Every State

Google Trends tweeted a map on Tuesday (5/30) showing the top "how do you spell..." searches by each state so far in 2017, and it's somewhat telling about several states and also pretty hilarious.

Most states had problems with words ranging from 6-10 letters. New Mexico's got a problem spelling the word 'banana,' while a few other states in that category had problems with slightly tougher words like 'pneumonia' or 'hallelujah.'

Pennsylvania has the largest population with German ancestry of any state in the country, which I have to assume is why they need help spelling 'sauerkraut.'

Chihuahua owners in Arkansas must have problems filling out the "Breed" box at the veterinarians office.

A couple states had trouble with 4 letter words like 'liar' or 'grey' (or is it gray?).

I'm baffled that the people of New Jersey get baffled trying to spell 'twelve.'  

The people of Hawaii can't spell 'people'.

There must have been some type of stomach bug going around in New Hampshire this year for 'diarrhea' to top the list for the state.

The fact that longest word for any state to misspell frequently happens to be a fictional word from Mary Poppins doesn't really look good for our overall intelligence either; 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.'

Finally, there's Wisconsin...the entire state should feel bad.

All of this info comes out just before the start of the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, where a bunch of children under 14 years-old can make us feel like the dummies we apparently are.   

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