Was TSA Pat Down Of Young Boy Too Invasive?

Personally, I'm torn on this one. We all want our plane travel to be safe and secure, but at what point does it cross the line? That's the question being asked after a mother posted this video of her son receiving the new "standard pat down" that went into effect last month. He had already gone through a body scanner, but because he had a laptop in his backpack they flagged him for additional security.

You can see the TSA agent explain to the boy what he's going to do before performing a (more than) thorough search. He turns his hands backwards when he's going over the boy's sensitive areas, but it still seems like a bit of overkill.


What do you think? Is it a necessary inconvenience, or a total breech of personal space? Don't the body scanners make pat down's like this unnecessary? 

I think about someone doing this pat-down on one of my young children and it makes me uncomfortable. The mother of this boy clearly thinks it was not only invasive, but also unnecessary because he had already gone through a body scanner.  She shares her side of the story in the video below.

John Mac

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