Two Servings Of Coffee And Alcohol Help You Live Longer

In a study of people over the age of 90, it was found that drinking two cups of coffee could decrease premature death by 10 percent. We've certainly heard about health benefits in coffee before.

Even better, two servings of alcohol a day could decrease premature death by 18 percent! The 90+ study looked at the lifestyle and health of over 1,600 90-year-olds to determine what helped them achieve a longer life.

The study found that people that were slightly overweight in their 70s had a greater chance of living past 90. Exercise and having a hobby also improved the chances at living longer from 11 to 21 percent, respectively.

Key things to remember however, 40 percent of people living past 79 suffer from a form of dementia and 80 percent live with a disability.

So many people that live past 100 report having an alcoholic beverage daily, so this is not a shocker! Let's celebrate, cheers!



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