Thank You 'Bird Box' For Promoting Being Present

Odds are you've seen the poster or people online talking about the Netflix film Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock.  The story is about a mother that is out to protect her kids from this evil invisible being that is causing people to want to kill themselves, feeding on people's worst fears.  

It clearly shows the strength of Sandra's character as a mom but also reminds us all to be present.  I'll be the first to admit that I've let both work and especially social media distract me from plenty of moments in life.  2018 seemed like a blur or flash in the pan.  

My only resolution for 2019 is to slow down and look up more often.  Lots of people feed off of social media for interaction or attention and we in radio especially like to engage with people, sharing moments in our life.  We've gotten so used to having this device in our hands that can do so much but it's important to remember that our smartphones are tools, not replacements for actual face to face or at least voice to voice communication.  I'm constantly having to remind myself this every day.



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