New Storage Facility Owner Finds & Returns Millions In Cash


Storage Wars star Dan Dotson recently sold off a storage unit for $500 and later found out that it had $7.5 million in it!

The money was inside a safe.  It's not clear whether Dotson knew the safe was in there, or why he didn't try to open it himself.  But the new owner did, and found the cash.  But soon after finding the money, the new owner got a call from an attorney representing the original owners of the unit, the people that money actually belonged to.

They offered the new owner $600,000 to return the cash but the two sides eventually settled on $1.2 million.  Not too shabby! 

Well, Dotson and his wife Laura had this thought in a YouTube video:  The money was probably dirty since it wasn't in a bank.  

The way I see it it's good karma to give it back to the original owner and you don't have to be worried about where it came from.  What would YOU have done with it?



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