Lazy Husbands' "Emotional Labor"


The New York Post just did a big write-up on a trendy new term lazy husbands should know called "emotional labor."  And it's all about taking the LEAD on things.

A lot of women feel like a MOM in the relationship, where they constantly have to ask their boyfriend or husband to do stuff.  And it ends up stressing both people out.  But "emotional labor" isn't just about doing chores or being lazy.

It also involves the "mental load" of things like tracking your kid's calendar and knowing when their next doctor visit is.  Stuff like that takes time, effort, and focus.  And women tend to shoulder more of the responsibility, and more of the stress that comes with it. 

I've learned a lot about "taking the lead" in my previous relationship.  I understand the concept and agree that if men aren't pulling their weight in getting things done without being asked then they should step it up.  When things don't get done then the reminder could come across as nagging.  This scene above is the perfect example!



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