A Year Of Strengths And Challenges In 2018

Obstacle course ready at Glowzone

We came together as a team representing Sunny 106.5 yesterday at Glowzone of Las Vegas to take on some physical challenges as part of the celebrity challenge to raise money for the charity of our choice.  What a fun event, taking on other media outlets!

I was able to conquer my fear of heights doing the wall climb all the way to the top (when I didn't think it was possible minutes before) AND complete the ninja course, including the final run up to the top in 37 seconds!  Yes, the record is 14 seconds but this for me was a personal win.  I think it would be a win for most people.  We did really well as a team in the competition, too!

This got me thinking of the challenges that I've overcome this year.  Now, I realize my life challenges are nothing compared to what most people face every day.  I moved across the country to the West coast (where I've never lived before) to pursue a job that's a much better fit where I'm truly happy and can do what I do best.  It's not easy to move somewhere where you don't have a lot of friends (I had one already living here).  I've made a move like this before to West Palm Beach for a promotion from Raleigh (where it feels like home) and it taught me to be self sufficient, being content doing things solo.  Now making a similar lifestyle change, I love the lack of humidity AND the ability to travel to cities on the West coast that I love and those I've never been to at a fraction of the cost!  

Red Rock Canyon

I also left a relationship behind after 4 years together for reasons that I will leave private.  I'm grateful that we are still close even though we're not together.  It's crazy how many people I know that got married because they thought it was the thing they SHOULD do because it's expected instead of the thing they WANT to do.  I also took a risk on moving in with one of my best friends (friends for over 20 years) and it didn't work out.  He has some things to work through on his own.  It's frustrating but I've learned from it and learned more about him and our friendship in the process.  I enjoy living by myself so maybe I'll find an alternative revenue stream to cover the rent split I'll be missing.  

A wise person once said it's not getting knocked down that matters but how fast you get back up.  You can't let getting knocked down set you back mentally.  If anything use it as fuel to push forward even harder!  

2017 was a year of discovery for me and perhaps I've discovered how strong I can be.  There was a time years ago when I wasn't very strong at all and got walked all over, especially in my dating life.  When I go back and read my blog about what I've learned in 2017 and my goals for 2018 (here's the link) I'm happy to say I've accomplished a lot of what I set my mind to like eating better and making exercise a regular part of my day!  I also realize how much strength it's taken to make some difficult decisions this year and for that I'm grateful.  It feels good to be able to take control of life and not let challenges keep you from moving forward.  Hopefully this helps someone in need of some motivation or that extra push to get through something that may seem improbable.  You can do it.  You should do it and you'll be glad you did.



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