A Lesson Learned Doing Business With My Ex-Roommate & Best Friend

I learned a lesson many people may already know and live by but for me after doing business with two friends in different circumstances I'll never engage in any sort of business transaction with any sort of friend ever again.  It would appear that most of the time there would be no way to keep friendship and business separate when there is money involved.  That was my experience at least.

I've been best friends with my friend since college, which let's pretend has been 15 years.  We're fairly different people but I never thought I would be left without a roommate two months into living together.  This is a friend who has always had a job and been respectful to me in every way.  

He had asked me to promise I would never move out in the middle of the lease, at least not until we've had at least 6 months or more to meet people to where we could make arrangements for a new roommate.  However, he did just that to me after living with me for only two months!  There are no crazy stories about how I was a pain to live with, other than having to compromise on the overnight temp in the apartment since I like it warmer and he preferred it colder.  No problem.

We have both moved to Las Vegas with the hopes of restarting our lives for different reasons.  It's been fun for both of us.  However, the money he had respectfully saved up eventually had run out and still with no job to show for it.  It wasn't my job to be a parent and stay on him about getting work when that's never been a problem for him ever.  However, no matter the fun that was being had there was no priority in getting work, even admitted by him.  

Ultimately, I'm just disappointed that he's made the decision to move out after only two months to move in with someone where he has more financial freedom (and time to get a job).  I'm happy to help a friend in need but I don't do charity.  It's easy to be taken advantage of if you don't speak up.  Over the course of time I've gone from being silent and walked all over in my younger years to being fair yet outspoken when the time comes.  I think he was surprised but I guess that will happen when you're dubbed "the nice guy". Everyone has their limits.  I reached mine when I realized there was no sense of responsibility on his end and that I cannot be a part of enabling that sort of lifestyle.  He's been very lucky and unlucky to have found generous people to support a fun life here in Vegas but that all eventually runs out.  

He moved out two weeks shy of when I expected and I thought that our friendship could not be negatively impacted.  Well, I was wrong.  Sure, I was pissed. I'm still disappointed but this taught me to never do business with a friend again.  Sometimes it's a lesson learned that will ensure you'll never do something of the sort again.  In hindsight, perhaps I should have asked for one month's security deposit.  I'm sure that would not have gone over well but would have been a better help than a 30 day notice when I've only lived in Vegas for just over 3 months, where I don't know that many people yet.  He did return to say he would clean the bathroom before the month is up.  

Don't test a friendship.  You may think people close to you would never disappoint you like this and I thought the same thing!  IF you don't take my advice at least make sure you have an insurance plan of sorts or a back-up just in case.  At least you'll only be disappointed and not in the bag for a full month's rent soon to follow.  



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