22% Of Bosses Say If Workers Take A Lunch Break They're Lazy


This study makes me so angry because the amount of hours you work don't equate to whether you're a good employee.  However, according to a new survey, about 20% of people say they're afraid to take lunch breaks because they're worried their boss will think they're not a hard worker.

They're not crazy because the survey found that 22% of bosses DO think people who take lunch breaks are LAZY.  That means there's more than a one-in-five chance your boss is one of them.  I think it's important to recognize if your boss is like that because my mom had a boss that got angry if she spent too much time in the bathroom (even if she didn't feel well).  

My mom stayed in the job because she gave it back asking her why she doesn't yell at people that take constant smoke breaks.  

A good boss should encourage people to take a break.  Plus, just because somebody works more hours than expected doesn't mean they're doing what they're supposed to.  Someone who gets it all done within a 40 hour work week might be better than someone who works 60 hours but isn't as efficient with their time.  However, that doesn't mean skip your lunch break!  



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