Finally Got My New Car

I've been thinking about getting a new car for over a year now.  Part of my debate was considering upgrading to an SUV for the first time ever.  I love how the Toyota 4 Runners look!  However, they're not as fuel efficient as I would like them to be.  I considered the Kia Sonata's as they are great vehicles and the price is probably the most competitive as far as SUV's go!  If I got one of those then I knew I would have to keep it until the wheels fell off since the resale value is supposedly not that strong.  

I promised myself I would not get a brand new car again, as the value drops as soon as you drive it off the lot.  However, when I finally narrowed down my decision to a 2018 GMC Terrain and 2018 Honda Accord then that idea went out the window.  I knew it would be one of those vehicles, as the body style had finally changed for both in 2018 AND they are both technologically advanced years behind prior models.  

It was a close race.  I test drove both vehicles numerous times, considering so many things in the process.  It took me close to a month to make a final decision between these two vehicles (knowing that I was comparing apples to oranges).  I liked both for different reasons but in the end the gas mileage ended up being the tipping factor in my decision.  On the highway it's a 10 mile per gallon difference!  The other thing was that I knew the resale value on the Accords can't be beat as they hold their value probably better than most cars.  I also have had an Accord before and know that it really is one of the most reliable on the road, as well.  

I feel like I'm driving a BMW, even from an inside stand point!  I've never had a car with leather interior, let alone one where the seats can head up!  Plus, the safety features on cars now are so far advanced like notifying you if a car is coming when you're backing out of a parking spot.  People are generally NOT considerate drivers in NC I've noticed.  I could be backed out half way out of a parking spot and they will continue to drive behind me risking an accident!  So, safety features are so important nowadays more so for other drivers.  

The only downside to an Accord is that the car insurance can be more expensive as they are one of the most stolen cars on the road.  But if you're trying to decide on a vehicle Hondas may not be the least expensive cars available but they are the most reliable and have the best resale value.  I think most people and mechanics would agree with this.  Ask around!



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