Brody is new to Vegas, originally from Jersey making him an honorary yankee!  However, Brody hasn't lived in Jersey since high school, actually calling Raleigh home for 9 years before moving to West Palm Beach, Florida furthering his career with iHeartMEDIA. Three years later he made a decision to return G105 in Raleigh, settling in Clayton, NC with his girlfriend.  Leave it to Brody to be the voice of reason, as well as the voice of laughter!  Brody enjoys traveling (he's a big proponent of lodging with Airbnb), watching favorite tv shows like The Resident and Black List, checking out a good concert and spending time with friends and family, including his girlfriend, her son, and dogs Mylie, Bella, and Parker. Yes, he's become much more domesticated since his days of being a bachelor!  However, that doesn't stop him from being a big kid!