These Are The Best Halloween Candies Of 2021... By Portability

“The Takeout” has announced their Official 2021 Halloween Candy Power Rankings and this year they are being ranked by portability, or how easy it is to stick the candy in a pocket, backpack, purse or whatever is portable for you.

These are the 10 they’ve tapped as “most portable”:

10. Reese’s Cups– these are a problem if you have to stick them in your pocket because they melt easily and are hard to eat when you have to scoop them out of their cup liners.

9. Hershey Mini Bars– also a problem because they melt easily but are better than Reese’s but they also can “leak” out of their individual foil wrappers.

8. Snickers– easier to eat because you can break the bar out of it’s wrapper but still melty because of the chocolate and nougat combination.

7. Twix– these have “less gooey innards” according to The Takeout and a strong cookie foundation but can also easily melt in the heat.

6. Tootsie Pops– less melty and easier to haul around than their chocolate competitors and can last much longer.

5. Jolly Ranchers– since they come individually wrapped they are pretty much melt-proof and portable as well.

4. Sour Patch Kids– these are easy to manage and tote around since they come in a bag but make sure you don’t let the sour powder escape.

3. M&M’s– the only chocolate candy that is portable and pretty much avoids melting.

2. Skittles– melt-proof and portable, these check in as the number 2 choice.

1. Starburst– individually wrapped, no chocolate and pretty much last forever, so these are The Takeout’s #1 choice for portable Halloween candies.

Source:The Takeout

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