How To Help Your Dog Adjust As You Go Back To The Office

For those working remotely, all that extra time we got to spend with our furbabes was AWESOME. But now that we’re heading back into the office, we’re not the only ones facing an adjustment curve – our dogs are, too! Why not cats? Let’s face it, they don’t really care, but doggos? They often need a little extra love. Dog expert Graeme Hallhas some advice for those who adopted a pup during quarantine – especially for those who haven’t had a pooch before “this.”

  • Start sooner rather than later. This allows your dog to get used to the fact that you will be leaving the house, but you will also come back eventually. Start with small periods of time, then make them longer as you go.
  • Minimal fuss. Dogs can read facial expressions, so if you have the look of worry on you, they’ll know. It’s also important to not give your dog too much attention as you leave, making your leave seem as though it is a normal activity. Just grab your keys and leave. And when you come back, don’t make a big production. Put your things down...when you’re ready, address them (and yes, hugs and kisses are fine)
  • Look out for signs of separation anxiety. Signs of separation anxiety can differ based on the dog, but common signs are a dog pacing aimlessly. Also, finding damage to the door, showing the dog wanted to leave, is a big sign. Similarly, chewing is a big ‘tell.’

So what happens if you see signs of stress? Make sure they have toys (especially chew toys), or leave a radio on so your dog has some noise. You can also leave a TV on with dog-oriented videos. If you’ve got the funds, consider a dog walker or daycare.

Source:The Independent

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