Embracing This Boomer Habit Can Get You To Sleep Faster

What is the secret to Boomer’s sleep regiment?

They aren’t scrolling through IG until 2AM. They pick up a book, a real one made of paper and whatever else books are made of, they read for a while, then they shut off the lights and go to sleep.

Reading is the second most popular boomer leisure activity after watching TV, and unless they pass out in front of “Blue Bloods” you better believe they’re under the covers reading about something before counting sheep.

If books aren’t your jam, at least cut out the phone. Studies show 86% of millennials report trouble sleeping after being on their phone before laying down to sleep. Meanwhile, only 9% of Boomers said the same.

Why? Probably because they aren’t bringing it to bed with them. Or sleeping with it next to their head… you crazy people.

Source: Pure WOW