Doomsday castle in Goldfield, Nevada to become AirBNB rental property

A self-described doomsday-prepper castle could soon become a weekend getaway only 3hrs away from the Vegas Valley.

The Hard Luck Mine Castle recently sold for $550,000.

The property is a four-story, 22-room, 8,000 square-foot home on 40 acres off of Highway 267. The home also has a game room, theater, fountain room, solarium planetarium, wine cellar and workshop. The property is built of fortified steel, cinder blocks, and 16-inch thick concrete walls. The property runs on its own solar and wind power and diesel generators, and has a 4,000-gallon water tank and a 3,000 gallon propane tank.

The new owner of the castle Richard Socher said he plans to put the home on the short-term rental market.

The property is not yet listed for short-term rental bookings.

Click here to see photos of The Hard Luck Mine Castle.