Why You Keep Having Dreams About Your Partner Cheating On You

There’s no weirder way to start your day than waking next to your boo after dreaming about them cheating on you all night. Even though it was all in your head, it’s still tough to kiss them good morning without feeling a little angry. But before you go full-Carrie Underwood on them, here’s what dream experts say those dreams really mean.

You’re Afraid They'll Cheat: Being cheated on is one of the most common dreams her clients report and it’s most likely just a sign that you’re insecure about your relationship. What you need is a boost of trust and support to make that nightmare stop. Try talking to them about how happy they are and much like the dream, you’ll probably find their disappointment with you is only in your mind.

You've Been Cheated On Before: If you’ve been cheated on before, these dreams could be you replaying some old trauma. It’s “normal to have dreams based on fear and anxiety from negative past experiences that we don’t want to reoccur.” Until you have worked through that old scare with the help of therapy, these dreams are likely to keep popping up.

You Feel Betrayed: The other person you’re dreaming about could just be a manifestation of the last blowout fight you two had that left you feeling betrayed. Take a second to think about any recent misunderstandings you might’ve had and trying to hash them out.

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