How To Confront Someone When You Hate Confrontation

Some people love to stir the pot and debate anyone that will have them. Other people would rather move out of state than call someone out, even if they deserved it. If you fit into that latter category, here are some tips on how to stop running from confrontation and start embracing it.

  • Confrontation Isn’t A Bad Thing. - Even though "fear of confrontation goes all the way back to childhood,” conflict isn’t all bad. Every argument doesn’t have to be a shouting match. Confrontation very often leads to bringing people closer than they ever have been and resolves some deep issues.
  • Focus On What You Have To Say, Rather Than How It Will Be Received. - When you start psyching yourself out from confronting someone, remember that “you have a need, want, or opinion, and you have every right to express it.” Stop worrying about how the other person will take it, and instead concentrate on making whatever you’re about to tell them as concise and to the point as you can.
  • Use “I” Statements To Keep Defensiveness At Bay. - Speaking of your messaging, stick to “I” statements as much as possible during the argument. Say things like ‘I feel hurt when yada yada’ instead of ‘you’re a selfish jerk.’ The focus should stay on your feelings rather than personal attacks. No matter how great it might feel to really roast them.

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