A Few Questions to Vibe Check you Online Dating Match

According to research, Gen Z takes just a few weeks to fall in love (29%), others can take up to a few months to fall in love (37%) and 17% prefer a slowed approach, taking a year or more. So you are not wasting your time with a match that isn't "Vibing" with you...Tinder and relationship therapist Matt Davies have come up with a few questions to "Vibe Check" your next match!!!.

Here are the top 10:

  1. Describe yourself in a tweet.
  2. What's something that you just don't understand the hype?
  3. Tell me the last 3 emoji's you sent.
  4. What is your 2020 go-to meme?
  5. Who do you reply to first? Mom, BF or coworker??
  6. Work to live or Live to work??
  7. What is your ultimate got to snack?
  8. Tell me a secret that no one else would know.
  9. What three words would your closest friend use to describe you?
  10. What is the soundtrack of your life??

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