What is the ‘Ideal’ Number Of Previous Partners??

It's kind of a taboo question... but how many partners have you been with??

Many couples avoid the question for sake of sanity, but it kind of is a question that should be addressed for health concerns.

Back in 2016, the magic number was three. However, a new survey found people are totally fine with their match racking up 13 sexual partners.

13 became the sweet spot because it “guarantees that somebody is going to be experienced, adventurous, and open-minded in between the sheets.”

The survey also found that having 18 or more partners is a turn-off suggesting it's a “warning sign” that you’re difficult to please. (Rude!)

Just remember that you’re an adult and no one can tell you how many people you should sleep with. As long as you are safe and consent has been established... you go ahead and enjoy yourself kitten! :)