Weird Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I am definitely a corky person and enjoy fun and sometimes weird gifts, so these peaked my interest for the upcoming holiday... take a look.

  • Hug Me Chicken– Is your S.O. missing out on hugs during the pandemic? Well, now they can hug this giant rubber chicken, which actually crows.

  • Angry Toaster– Looking for something to get someone who’s been burned by love? How about a toaster that prints nasty messages on their bread.
  • Purse That Looks Like Chocolate Cake– It looks like a cake, but sadly doesn’t taste like one. It does carry all your stuff though.

  • FanziaBox Wine Backpack– Perfect for the S.O. who loves hiking…and wine!
  • UV Sterilizer- Nothing says love like giving your S.O. somethng to help them get rid of germs.
  • Pickle Bouquet– Who needs roses when you can send a bouquet of everyone’s favorite salty treat.

Click here for more ideas!!! But just a heads up... some of these are NSFW!! lol!!!