The Weeknd debuts a new FACE in new music video

There is so much to unpack from his new visual for "Save Your Tears".

  1. His FACE?? The Weeknd showed up to the 2020 American Music Awards in a bandaged up face... This was his first performance of "Save Your Tears" only to later release the video and his new look.

2.One fan theory suggests that the song is about his ex Selena Gomez and points out that the leading lady in this video looks eerily similar to her... I have to agree.

3.Another fan theory is suggesting that the plastic surgery face is a dig at another ex,Bella Hadid... and I have to say that I did have that thought cross my mind when I see the "botched" look.

No matter the motivation, it’s clear that The Weeknd is making a statement about Hollywood’s beauty standards. What do you think??