New Gender Reveal Trend: At Home Gender Test Using Kitchen Ingredients

Is it a boy or a girl?

Doctors can determine the sex of a fetus at 9 weeks by blood test and about 14 weeks by ultrasound, though there is room for error. For earlier predictions, many parents turn to unscientific folk methods, such as the baking soda gender test! You read that right! people are using baking soda to predict their unborn baby's gender!!!

There is some chemistry involved, but, we promise, no deeper science. First, get some baking soda — the first step in many home-brewed science experiments. Next, the pregnant person collects their urine. Finally, combine the two. The idea here is that having a boy will change hormones in the body and make the urine more acidic, and adding the acidic pee to the basic baking soda will make it fizz as they chemically react. Having a girl, so the thinking goes, means less acidic pee and no chemical reaction.

Uhhh... I'll believe when I see it!!!