How to Avoid a Day Drinking Hangover

Nothing says summer like spending an afternoon eating and drinking! Unfortunately, sucking down hard seltzers while poolside might feel good at 1 p.m., by dinnertime you might be dealing with a pretty terrible hangover.

Here are some expert tips to avoid that day drinking hangover, so you can still enjoy those long summer nights:

  1. Avoid sugary cocktails: That’s the recipe for a bad headache.
  2. Drink a lot of water in between drinks: Drinking in the hot sun is more dehydrating, which means a worse hangover.
  3. Stick with light rum, vodka or gin: These clear alcohols have fewer of the byproducts of fermentation that can lead to a worse hangover.
  4. Spend time in the shade: Too much sun can dehydrate you and make a hangover even worse. 
  5. Moderate: It’s easy to drink more when you are thirsty. Be sure to supplement with water to keep yourself from drinking too much in the afternoon. (Insider, Daily Motion)