5 minute Mental Excersice to help calm you when you are overwhelmed

You need only five-minutes to center yourself when feeling overwhelmed.

Here is a quick remedy to ease your anxiety and calm the nerves. You will need your phone, a pen and paper for this exercise.

1st...Spend two minutes listing everything that you are feeling at the moment -- emotionally as well as physically. Write down the muscle aches and the nagging itch. Are you hungry? Angry? List exactly how you feel. Identify each emotion.

Second...Draw a circle and create a pie chart. Spend two minutes assigning a slice to each emotion. A larger slice for ones that weigh you down. Smaller slices for the piddling aches.

Then...In the final minute of this five-minute exercise, write an action that you can take today to address the most important issues.

Simple yet effective!! Check out more on this activity here!