Tips on how to get you kid to read this summer!

It’s hard enough to get kids to read in the summer -- and since most kids have been home since March, inspiring them to read might be harder than ever.

I have a 11 year old and with Minecraft and Tik Tok and all the other mind numbing entertainment out there... the struggle for me has be rough!!!

BUT, Luckily, Lifehacker is here with some expert tips to get your kids to pick up a book instead of a screen when they complain about being “bored”:

Lead by example: If your kids see you reading in your free time, they are more likely to develop the habit.

Let them stay up past bedtime … as long as they are reading: It's a good incentive to pick up a book.

Keep reading to them, even after they can read: This makes it a treat and something to look forward to.

Feed their passion: If your kid loves fantasy, pick out a new series to read. And don’t discount graphic novels and comics.

Introduce them to MadLibs: They will think the word games are hilarious and won’t even realize they are reading.

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