New CoVid terms to use in conversation!

It's a new year, a whole new way of life, which means new terms to add to your vocab!!!

Zumping - a victim of zumping is someone who has been dumped via ZOOM! HOW RUDE, but I get it!

Covidiot - Are people who aren't taking the pandemic seriously.Son't be a covidiot!

COVID-15 - COVID-15 is a play on the phrase "Freshman 15," which refers to the typical weight gain during freshman year of college. This slang term describes the weight many people are expecting to gain by staying indoors all day and overeating during quarantine. Guilty!!!

Rona - "Miss Rona" or "The Rona." This slang term is simply how people are shortening the word "coronavirus," giving the virus its very own personification.

Doomscrolling - This phrase describes the act of scrolling through social media just to read horrifying stories about how dystopian life is amid the pandemic—which pretty much everyone is guilty of right now.

Iso - This slang term is simple: It's a shortened version of the word "isolation" or someone who enjoys being isolated.

Coronials - It feels like a safe assumption that there will be a spike in babies born nine months from now. Hey, it's just logic! But we've already got a word for those babies: coronials.


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