We've all accepted that certain types of behavior is bad for our health.  Smoking, drinking to much, eating fatty foods all have health risks, but did you know that reading "50 Shades of Grey" has health risks?  According to some research done on 655 women ages 18-24 by Michigan State University, published in the New York Daily News, women who read the first book are more likely to have used diet aids and have either an abusive partner or one that showed stalker-type qualities.  Women who read all three books showed a likelihood to binge drink!  

The question that the researchers haven't been able to answer is whether the book caused the problems or if the problems caused the women to seek out the book.  This brings me to what I always say anyway:  Who's got time to read?  If the book is any good, the movie won't be far behind.  Here's the 50 Shades Of Grey trailer again.  Just pretend you haven't watched this ten times already!