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Robin Thicke is still riding out his song of the summer and he’s having a bit of fun with it on the cover of Treats magazine.

A play off of his big hit Blurred Lines, Robin is in standing in the middle of five gorgeous naked women for the magazine’s September issue. (And he’s nicely dressed in a full suit, of course!)

And nope, his wife Paula Patton could care less.

“I’ve done some topless photo shoots before but never completely nude,” Robin said of the cover shoot. “It was very sexy and I like that. At first I thought, ‘Okay, let’s just do topless’…but, again, my wife and her friends were like, ‘No way…go all the way.’ I think we definitely pushed the envelope.”

He adds that the magazine itself is what inspired all that nakedness in his music video in the first place.

“When I was talking to my wife and her friends about the video they said, ‘Do something like Treats! because you love it so much.’ And her friends were like, ‘Yes!’ We showed Treats! issue 3 with Emily Ratajkowski on the cover to the director (Diane Martel) and she said, ‘That’s our girl!’ And she was cast. I wanted to give homage where homage was due. We wanted to pay it all forward about our inspiration from Treats! for the Blurred Lines video.”