If you caught the new trailer for the upcoming Emilia Clarke film Voice From The Stone, you probably heard a voice you recognized. That's because Evanescence singer Amy Lee wrote the end title theme to the flick, which is featured in the preview.  

The song is called "Speak To Me" and in a statement, Amy explained why she wrote it. 

She said, “There are many reasons why I felt inspired to work on this project. Voice From The Stone tells the haunting story of Verena, a nurse who is asked to aid a young boy who has fallen silent after the sudden passing of his mother - Verena is brought in to help him speak again. As a new mother myself, the film resonated very deeply with me... I was very moved by the movie...I felt a surge of inspiration and immediately began writing."

Previously, Amy posted a video of herself working on the song, giving fans a chance to see her creative process.

"Speak To Me" is now available for download and you can stream it here. Next week, Amy will put out a video for the song. Meanwhile, Voice from the Stone is in theaters on April 28th. Stay up to date here